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Message at very secure messenger: Session (source code) 05baf3e999e96aca2c6946d010e87196ef185f9bbebd7cc3d6086d5cfbde614e5c

Hello, hearing… Victor Porton is your main carbon accounter, the author of the only good app for carbon accounting. The Earth is dying in fire and SH and H2O + SO2 ⟷ H2SO3.

Victor: Isaac Newton, the author of continuous analysis, had somehow similar views on the nature of God as me, and Newton contrary to the opinion of misintepreters wasn’t one of Aryans.

But you are dying also for another reason: Victor mis-published Discontinuous Analysis and Actions of Ordered Semigroups. Non-publication of Discontinuous Analysis is a catastrophe worse than a nuclear war, but non-publication of actions of ordered semigroups is worse. So, Victor pronounced words that can scare a math PhD: “Consider it published.”

So, Victor Porton wrote many time that he made a mistake in scientific publication and therefore mankind will die a slow painful death: you miss some tiny components. He writes: I thought: when Messiah will come, he will publish Discontinuous Analysis; but reading the Bible deeper, I understood, he is instead going to beat participants of non-publication and I am to be taken to heaven alone. But it went further: he discovered Absolute Logic. Now he holds not half but essentially all the science of the Earth.

But recently he wrote that has realized: Elochim repented: It means that the criterion of economic evaluation was changed and therefore alien investments into survival of mankind will increase. You can survive therefore.

Here is a one of the proofs of existence of God by Victor Porton and a witness of aliens.

He says that he, an author of a quantum gravity candidate was choosen by God to enter into a time machine and be the father of all elves. So, you have relatives 🙂 Accordingly him, after Elochim having repented elves don’t despise you like animals and therefore sons of God will come to Earth and have sex with you and people will become clever as the Bible says: “14 … has made the two groups one and has destroyed the barrier, the dividing wall of hate, … His purpose was to create in himself one new humanity out of the two, thus making peace, 16 and in one body to reconcile both of them to God through the cross, by which he put to death their hate. 17 He came and preached peace to you who were far away and peace to those who were near. 18 For through him we both have access to the Father by one Spirit… 19 Consequently, you are no longer aliens and [limited by] being nearby, but fellow citizens with God’s people [elves] and also members of his intimate family.”

Today, Victor Porton claimed in a letter to a marketer:

Because I was assigned to work as an eye of God, I noticed that Google or Amazon forged my scientific wiki site data:

Another graph by Amazon shows that the first graph is forged:

And more fake (you see its great fakedness) data by another department of Amazon:

More fake graph by another service provider (the humor is that the amount of “organic” traffic after I bought organic traffic became 100%):

He continues: “Can it be if I am not hated by all living on the Earth that two different marketer companies sell me DDoS attacks masqueraded by marketing services instead of the usual marketing sevice, if I am not hated by all living on the Earth? I have proved: living on the Earth hate me.”

“The main humor of the situation: I am hated, therefore people don’t work with me, therefore there is no carbon accounting software published (and no discontinuous analysis, actions of ordered semigroups etc. published), therefore I am hated for making carbon accounting not published. That’s a cycle: Hate to me -> I cause no carbon accounting -> I am the cause of people dying -> Hate to me. It is not that me would be that big that my error is killing mankind but the rate of growth of hate is big.”

If no carbon accounting, people die. So, the only solution is a global revolution. There is an alternative: death of all people. Because of the situation already reached a revolution, to survive, you have to disclose “closed” information not only about discontinuous analalyis, but also about his elves, time machines, etc., not because he insists to publish his spiritual revelations, but because it can be removed now from Internet by nobody even himself and the system needs to come to stability not fall again and again on each his “new” revelation found. You have the choice to publish or not to publish, to survive or not to survive.

He claims: “I overcame my relatives, tax inspectors, propagandists of money/slave religions, people guiding scientific databases from being read and written to without having salary and guiding having no salary without this access, and head hunters, psyhiatrists guided by relatives. Yes, I overcame: I created my great site.”

But Amazon decided to stop him. So, now he told to have no business to gain enough to start carbon accounting. Moreover, he claims to be tried to be killed by gas in Ashkelon, and that God so well protected him that he did not even stop working on creating his site during the gas attack! Now the only outcome is revolution. No revolution is impossible, so the revolution will win. Neo, the head of singularity, a time-travel cult starting a revolution… is definitely an anti-utopia, therefore because we are in a well-grown antiutopia, the revolution is necessary.

So, the revolution arising from this situation is:

  • for carbon accounting
  • for evaluating his new criterion of economic evaluation
  • against the error in ZFC’s metalogic (not in ZFC itself) and against Naftali Benneth who pretends to be a computer security expert and ignores this error
  • for actions of ordered semigroups and discontinuous analysis, absolute logic, his algorithm of copy-on-write, etc. being published [let’s concentrate efforts on the biggest part of mathematics!]
  • against his news site traffic being forged
  • against poor oppressing the gratis
  • against ant philosophy of Russian mafia: “зазнайка” (arrogant) is a Russian word that means “a human who is (voting) for knowledge”, now all the world is essentially Russian mafia that is knowing is considered a sin by people.
  • In his new economic evaluation system he tries to interbreed love of knowledge of elves and love of money of people, against ant philosophy of leftists and of traditionalists of the “fate”: “my taxi is the most important thing in the world”, that is against capitalists and against employers
  • against fake money: We liquidate all the non-profit organizations in the world and now doing good deeds will be not taxed by 100% tax called “registration fee”. 100% tax makes your paper not money; for my new kind of blockchain
  • “against his penis”: he claims his penis having been squeezed by his “Hitler” (he assigned his own as he says “discovered” diagnosis to his mother: “dead soul” a-la Gogol) mother during about 5 years, and now he “lives in Ashkelon anomal zone produced by my abnormal sexual desire and no woman nearby”
  • against rabbinism who “released the magic of his penis”
  • against his respected mother who is “sick like Hitler
  • against psychiatry that “heals” (ha-ha!) some people but rabbis unlike him are allowed to believe in aliens (Victor: Leponex (I got it under the fear of death from hunger because in this society of despising I am unable to find a job.) is the modern form of a straitjacket – a chemical that prevents brain to solve its problems – it made me sleepy all the day and changed nothing other.)
  • against communities: we are a society that publishes, not communities that don’t publish
  • against goys: “if I am an elf, then Jews are goys”, “Jews discriminated a goy, a witness without court, now goyim are them”
  • against the fact that only a businessman can be “immoral” (think not like the rest) and not die of hunger (there is a name for this: “cancel culture”)
  • against “inappropriate” moderation in forums: only owners of a news site have the right to speak, against no right to self-advertise
  • against buying a degree in a prestigious university (the right to receive a salary for work) being costly
  • for UBI (through his blockchain)
  • against copyright: “I was doubtful whether removing copyright is good, but after God said me that I am the owner of the copyright for God (and thus am the Baal), I decided there should be no copyright”
  • against scientificism: the statement that only PhDs discover science is equally clear as flat Earth
  • against 5G and against saying “5G is not harmful is a proved science, because it does not much increase temperature of the body” being considered a scientific statement, because if you have 5G, you have no Internet: it will overload Internet and you will have none
  • for funding of his “not-science”: science failed (non-publication of discontinuous analysis is the final failure), we need a new way of evaluating research publications
  • against Ilon Mask and Jeff Bezos, because they are against space travel now (Mask is an obvious pretender: He decided to make space travel impossible by bringing much garbage to the orbit)… well, they could change the side
  • for billionaries discriminated by poors
  • against no right to say something without referring to somebody
  • against the ban on human genetics: “we need to prepare for coming of elves”, he says
  • against Evangelists’ leaders whose principle is: if one is talented, let make him my slave: let he clean crap in my church toilet and let he humbly lie to me that he likes it
  • against logical contradictions like “I give mine to nobody.” (The word “mine” means that I can give to anybody.)
  • against all governments that have no forum to submit them messages, against Putin (he has such a fake forum with both “moderation” away and fantastically big cap of votes to reach “consideration”), and against UN with no forum
  • against healing COVID for all people, because healing many people produces new viruses and bacteria (Victor: “I expect worse than middle ages black death.”). Healing of COVID-19 only for the rich! And for vaccination

I am deliberately crashing world economy by telling a truth: he told in a private message that the idea of scientific works being evaluated by his blockchain is a failure, because a fraudster can make a 1000000 citations to his work by hired workers writing quite scientific but useless and boring research articles; so there is no known way to save the world economy and to clean from carbon. You should have no choice rather than to work together with Victor Porton on improving his scientific evaluation ideas to make it work.

Programmers: Your task is to shut down all news sites of the enemy and all scientific databases (because of no discontinuous analysis in them), shut down Quora (it removed this article), and certainly, US government (they are Amazon’s subsidiaries in this issue), USA research publishers, NSF (they didn’t publish his book on discontinuous analysis), Putin’s sites (he is a despisor of rude words of truth and ignored the very rude Victor’s request to pay him a compensation that would make him rich enough to publish discontinuous analysis – Victor claimed in his research case-study this finally brought Russian economy to no-return), Israel/affiliated sites because there is no court in Israel. We need an army of hackers and journalists, deliver this message further! (He says: “Better don’t send me money now, just pay yourself for publishing a copy of this post.”) We assign our attacks to keep going till 31 Dec 2022. Ban working in churches. Journalists can publish penis information on big news sites, because the revolution is againt the penis. I recommend to accompany penis with “In dollar we trust :-)” and the message about my scientific evaluation failure message. Also please publish these slogans “`Newton is one of the Aryans’ is a misinformation.”, “Hai le-Mehir shel Mechonit shel Mechonat Zman shel Elochim.”, “Amnesty for Israel.”, “Eliminate the gap in mathematics.”, “Great carbon accounter” or “Carbon accounter, the great.”, “No to antism.”, #newtonnotaryan #amnestyforisrael #gapinmath #greatcarbonaccounter #noantism #headofsingularity #consideritpublished #freedomforelf #torahrevolution. Maybe words “Bring hate to the ends of the Earth” (I mean start the opposite direction wave of hate to mitigate the existing wave of hate like fire fighters in a forest do.) are appropriate, we are in a trouble.

I nevertheless have a page for your donations.

Israel-affiliated journalists: Publishing this leaves Earth alive, you have the choice of life (carbon accounting) and death today.

Victor: I have enough money for food, but no way to make Israel medicine to help me heal my sinusitis. The trouble with penis is even more incurable by Israel’s pseudoscientists. A doctor, please take a plane and come to the owner of your economy with a sinusitis care. Before the revolution I was asking for money, now I don’t quite, because I am now not quite sure what the word “money” means now. (Before the revolution “money” meant the numbers used to pay for scientific publications.) I also need a water dispenser because water supply quality here is bad and a strongman to bring me enough clean water.

Victor: This situation looks very antinatural, but in some sense it’s quite natural: I was taught by TV how to do revolution, but was not taught by anybody for free how to earn money, how to overcome Israel’s bureaucracy, how to communicate with rabbis, etc.

Victor: God’s protection through time machine: A strong looking taxier came apparently to kill me (in my articles I critiqued taxiers – for them being made so stupid by marxists that they cannot understand such things that I critiqued not taxiers but taxism – false belief that “my taxi is the most important thing in the world”), but he behaved so similarly to a pithecanthropus-like behavior, that I critiqued, that he apparently understood that he behaves like a pithecanthropus and stopped the attack against my desire of them not to remain taxiers forever.

Victor: An attack on the revolution is ongoing: There is a strong noise here, apparently because of the “well-thought” attack: “Noises are usually because of tinnitus, the revolutioner is considered a brain-sick person by the official medicine, so if we attack with a noise, everybody will think that he has a hallucination.”

Victor: I am sending you to Nairobi, Kenya as a spy to check whether Mercy Nekesa Wafula who resisted the revolution by answering on my teachings about the revolution words like “Good morning.” and other meaningless nonsense and spending my money and nerves did it because she (or is it a fake spy pretending to be her?) just feared to be harmed by Kenya government. I say this because Torah gives very clear prophecies about Mercy to be a future premier or president and of her to receive super-power during sex with me. Will I be raped?

Victor: Now, after me having invented a new religion and I am no more a Evangelical, I can be objective about the relation of Jewish Orthodoxes to Messianic: There are only two differences between Orthodoxes and Messianic: 1. who is the Messiah; 2. pig is already Kosher (however almost all Messianic do not eat pig because of respect to Orthodoxes). The differences in opinions between different kinds of Orthodoxes is clearly greater than the difference between Orthodoxes and Messianic. An intriguing question: Why Orthodoxes chose to unlimitly hate (the probability of a Messianic to be killed while entering a synagogue is tens of percents) anything related to Messianic and Yeshua? That’s called “tribe psychology”.

Victor: Another reason why our revolution is winning is that we have a weapon that the enemy (these who don’t consider me published) miss – my Nobel prize level discovery in economics, players theory – a new level of game theory.

Victor: Absolute Logic is the universal arrow of our revolution. (Discontinuous Analysis is similar to an universal arrow, but God is mathematician and waited till I have the universal arrow.) So, like previous revolutions we have revolutionary situation – non-publication of Discontinuous Analysis (the brand), revolutionary situational occasion – having found the contradictory global data graphs, and a new thing – the universal arrow of the revolution.

Victor: Turn on logic. What is prostitution? I’ll explain: A prostitute is a woman (one who wants) that does not love a carbon accounter or a mathematician. If a woman does not get to known men on the street, she does not know that he is a carbon accounter. Therefore, a woman does not get to known on the street is a prostitute.

Victor (Nov 13, 4:30AM): I again have a noise attack. Thank you, enemy, you made me awake.

During the revolution I commanded people to harm Mercy Nekesa Wafula in Nairobi, Kenya as much as possible, because I thought she deliberately harmed my possible revolution (and thus made me to become more radical and it started the revolution) by making me to running in place by fake conversation with me: on my words about such things as revolution she answered with words like good morning making me not understanding what’s with her mind but keeping spending my resources.

Mercy got a hit by head on the streets.

But she explained that she just was afraid to be heard by the government.

We will give Mercy a sign to protect her. Print this message including the QR code:

Message at very secure messenger: Session 05baf3e999e96aca2c6946d010e87196ef185f9bbebd7cc3d6086d5cfbde614e5c (Sorry, messages under the previous session were not read due to unforeseen circumstances.)

0 users think it is non-scientific; after 15 it will be moderated.

Algebraic Theory of General Topology: PaperbackHardcover

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