The error in MOST logic studybooks (not in ZFC)

After a long discussion at Reddit where many counter and counter-counter arguments appeared, I was pointed an error:S(… S …) is not defined. I meant to expand S inside such a statement before applying the outward S(), but I’ve realized that S is not defined solely by functional symbols but by a predicate, so “expand…… Continue reading The error in MOST logic studybooks (not in ZFC)

Absolute Logic – logic without axioms

In first-order predicate calculus “logic” (formal system) depends on the choice of an axiomatic system. However equally expressible first-order predicate logic can be done without axioms. I construct an expressive first-order predicate logic without axioms in which only implications can be proved. Then I consider its philosophical and theological implications. We have the same rules…… Continue reading Absolute Logic – logic without axioms

XML Boiler – Software for automatic transformation between XML namespaces

XML Boiler Python version (an already functional and useful software).XML Boiler D version (an ongoing project to replace XML Boiler Python version).DocumentationDONATE Please participate in the project or at least put stars at GitHub (links above). The project in a nutshell Written a specification (congratulate me with great work) for automatic transformation of XML documents based on namespaces, written a…… Continue reading XML Boiler – Software for automatic transformation between XML namespaces

Some Good Projects

The following are good projects important for mankind: Carbon accounting with world-best anti-theft (needs somebody to pay for error checking). This software also can be used for such things as calculating salaries in big companies.Linux – one of the best operating systems – get rid of WindowsRust (for highest reliability) and D language (see also…… Continue reading Some Good Projects

“Not Science” – a new method to gain knowledge that is not science

Developing a future not scientific method to replace scientific method and traditional mathematics. The method to be developed is to be highly selective and inclusive, economically effective, requiring interdisciplinarity. Not science is like science based on mathematics, but a different kind of mathematics, with an algorithm that is “not logic”.