Algebraic Theory of General Topology: PaperbackHardcover

This site is to resurrect dead peer review. Please read or publish here. Please support future cryptocurrency-based science grants.

Peer review is dead.

I am going to restore dead peer review using my blockchain and app to replace academia, but now when you are dead, I ignore peer review completely and publish on my own!

So, I create my own scientific journal. It is modeled after a Russian electronic journal where peer review is done post-publication. I do the same with a few differences:

  • You don’t need to know Russian.
  • You don’t need a degree (the word degree means the right to receive salary that is sold by money) to review, you are just asked to point any your relevant qualifications (including your rights to receive salary) when reviewing others. If you don’t point your qualification with links to supporting documents, your review is likely to be ignored.
  • You are not limited to a subset of HTML, but can publish any files.
  • I don’t require you to follow “scientific” rules of article format. But remember if it is anti-scientific, it may not pass review.
  • (Probably) I will make possible for you to put your ads to your articles (even in PDF format, I do have this technology) and receive money.

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Algebraic Theory of General Topology: PaperbackHardcover