Attack on Google SERP: A branch of science may effectively disappear from SERPs for a long time

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25 Jul 2022 note: Google partly fixed the bug: Now my research does appear in search results.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Check that typing “algebraic general topology” (in quotes) or “general topology funcoids” (without quotes) finds no peer-reviewed results on this topic except for that is highly ineffective because of no SEO (I checked) and being unusable without knowing the Russian language.
  2. Ensure that AGT was discovered no later than Sun Aug 9 23:24:32 2015 +0300 by downloading (in fact it was discovered in 1997 and put online somewhere between 1997 and 2015, much before 2015).
  3. Recall that Google gives a low priority to non-refered scientific works.
  4. Conclude that a branch of science effectively disappeared from SERPs.

Attack scenario:

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Study in a university, then burn your diploma. Now you are an amateur.
  2. Make a big scientific discovery (the hard part in reproducing).
  3. Publish it as an open access book in a rare foreign language with a not very prestigious publisher that may be not counted as peer-reviewed by reputable ones.
  4. Now you can’t publish it with a reputable publisher, because after burning your diploma you most likely can’t earn enough money to do it on your own and reputable publishers don’t publish open access works of amateurs for free, especially if they are already published.
  5. Others can’t publish on this topic, too, because scientific ethics forbids publishing research of others.
  6. To finish the exploit completely, have a conflict with arXiv moderation, and be blocked in some way or another for an extended period of time.
  7. A branch of science became unpublishable.
  8. Dependence of Google on academic peer review triggers the bug, namely a branch of science buried too deep in SERP results.
  9. There is no reason to expect that this issue with any particular branch of science will resolve by itself.

The above is probably the easiest way to exploit the vulnerability, I did it in a hard way:

Instead of burning my diploma, I was fanatically telling everybody that I am a religious fanatic, what forced me to leave the university not receiving any degree or diploma. By the way I did two fundamental mathematical discoveries. (In fact, I did 2 or 2.5 fundamental math discoveries.)

The attacker’s gain is suffering (failing my project) for Christ and receiving a reward in heaven. A deliberate attacker may specifically gain collapse of the civilization by halting science development and thus mankind becoming unable to resist global warming. Another attacker may gain breaking carrier of his foe (burning his diploma instead of his own).

Suggested way to fix: Enhance grant system with allocating money to dependencies and promouters, to increase components financing and visibility – please support this project.

0 users think it is non-scientific; after 15 it will be moderated.
Victor Porton

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